Thanksgiving Eve (Minty)

               What, ever , is meaningless? 


Nothing. I dont believe in coincidence. I believe in the Plan-God.
 Tonight, Thanksgiving Eve, is always a Wednesday. And Wednesday is ALWAYS youth groop in my family. Homework or not. Busy or not. It is mandatory. It is a reflex. It is a breath for the middle of my family’s week. We NEED it, because we ALWAYS need more of God and sanctified fellowship. Last year on Thanksgiving Eve, it was just Sidecake (my sister) and I with our youth pastor and his wife in that room with the multichromatic grey-black-white room smitten with chalk.
So tonight, all one- two- three- nine of us were seeking Him. Deepest night of the year, closest night of the year. Most wonderful youth groop each year. Daring each other to be thankful and write down 50 things we were thankful for each day, from today to next Wednesday. A friend suggested these numbers from my Eucharisteo journal.
1) Butter on small eyebrows
20) Funny teacher’s response
993) Waiting outside of church, “Centuries” comes on
8) Big sisters flying to catch stray balloons
808) Life Hack #1: Know God

These numbers. Just the beginning of 1000 gifts. 1000 things I see, find the hand of the Moment God in. Like a love dare, but this one is a thanks dare. A joy dare.

        I want to get to 10,000.
                                                 10,000 thank-yous.
                                                                                   10,000 reasons.
I dare you to write fifty things you are thankful for. Just today. Right now. Find them in one sitting. You certainly have enough to be thankful for, and if you don’t have the time to be thankful for them, then you have no right to have them.
That is a dare for you.
Today, I am thankful for :
  1. Depression fought weak.
  2. Humility stinging deep
  3. and Dorcas’ ring Cor.
  4. As her eyes searched
  5. and Club’s mind seekd
  6. both they to disprove the secular
  7. and make it sacred;
  8. moment like a beat
  9. pounded percussion sazzle
  10. deep wood-box banging truth
  11. and worship for few
  12. ascribing depth to shallow
  13. Mockingjay and Krampus
  14. because we know there is more more
  15. deep down far once a year
  16. into the one little flake of snow falling only heere and NOT EVER there
  17. and those Diamonds are only hidden,
  18. not destroyed
  19. on Thanksgiving eve
  20. we hunters of the dawn
  21. during the redsky blizzard
  22. outside and inside and around heere world
  23. only to end in that Hebel
  24. which brings back around to that one circle swirl
  25. much like those leaves fighting brooms
  26. and spinning centrifugal childish
  27. assaulting Child-boy to work into tears
  28. Because it is stronger
  29. to be a woman with grace
  30. rather than force
  31. eating our words,
  32. humble pie mouthfuls
  33. Seeking first in dawn
  34. new mercy light shimmering bold soft
  35. and i am a child of it.
  36. “Those whose joy is morning sun
  37. and those suffering through the night”
  38. Daughter of the Morning
  39. And those cracks in the tile floor
  40. offset by ceiling beams
  41. lovingly grouted and lovingly grounded
  42. to try our patience
  43. never wood
  44. always sponge-knees and squeak-bleach
  45. as we clean the dust from the low
  46. we become low Dust
  47. as He was, and joy comes
  48. for in the low, we see Him
  49. Like Manatees from Mannatech boxes delivered
  50. we are New Creations morningly: Children of the Dawn.

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