As a child, i marred trees.

Now, i climb them.


It is dark and the houses outside the window crest in polychromatic LED crowns, triangleing upwards. Treetop form.

I guess pointing upwards, treelike, isnt just for the Christmas trees, but for everyday house-crests and everyday evergreens.

Some of those year round advents, less looked forward too, less seen, but still there.

The advent of teaching.

The advent of learning.

The advent of family.

The advent of Immanuel.


Those are the gifts that come flooding…. swamping (if you will) daily, without need of a season to usher their coming.

Because, see…


The Everyday.


You know, because Charles Spurgeon didnt just wake up one day and BAM-O-LICIA! –Theologian of great renown.

Or that Amy Carmichael girl with the brown-not-blue eyes. She didnt just one day bounce out of the chair and save all the children’s lives that she did. She wasn’t JUST made “fastfood” /microwave /ZAP-AND-ITS-DONE style. I have no idea if she even planned to do the remarkable rescues.

Does anyone plan these things?

WIN_20151201_112041 (2)

So i ask, dear Evergreen.

Do you plan the length of your branches, or select the birds nesting in your armpits? Perchance do you groom a certain side of bark to make it appear smooth so the elk and deer dont itch their velvet off , desecrate your gorgeous trunk?


Unlike how, for a season, we decapitate the Christmas tree from her base, the roots of her family, setting it on a pedestalesque stand for all to see, leaving behind all scraggle roots and nature-signs.

You are the most beautiful tree we could find; act like it.

So we dress you up because we think you arent beautiful enough.

Full enough.

Bright enough.

We “decorate” your fingers with gold and flashing and memories and our expectations of what we want you to hold up, but really we are desecrating.

What we may think is decorating could very possibly be desecrating.

Ahahahaaaaaaand you die. Fast. In weeks, your hair is all over our carpet. So we throw you out. Regretfully, i admit. Sorry. You didnt make the cut.

Ungloriously glorious.


We do it with the celebrities, not just the Christmas trees.

Take off all signs of being lived in, being lived off of, dress you up, make you glimmer.

Then, throw you out when you dont fulfill the expectation of beauty we had for you. When you arent ENOUGH. When you are disconnected from your roots and dismantled of glory -dear celebrities- we throw you away with the Wednesday garbage.


BUT what about the too-tall evergreens, the ones with roots clenching deep and history in the rings and soil compacts betwixt the fingernails from your grip? You who never get cut because you are too tall to be displayed, too big for a room, too full of green life.

You will be used for something sturdy. To make something.

Like a sea chest. Or a bed. Or table.


Or a manger.

WIN_20151201_112956 (2)

Something stable.

Not thrown away when the wrapping paper is torn before your eyes. Not thrown away when the fun is over. Not taken down with the lights. Not disgarded when the season is over and there are 365 more days to wait before another tree comes.

If tables, doors, walls, chairs, fireplace mantles, could talk. Tell of the trees they’ve seen come through this door, -and out-.

When the lights go, what else goes?

Certainly not the peaks of your roof, pointing up and sharp. Or the green ever-forest that climbs acreage of hilltop.


Your life thus far may seem wasted.

Or Squandered.

Maybe thrown and tossed.





Not enough.


And if you have ever even muttered any of these lies to yourself, friend, i admonish you to spit your words and erase the carves and wash the scars NOW.

When the Dawn is NOW.

Because you are growing. You have rings in your heart. Scratches on your bark.

And the more you wait, the more you grow, the bigger you become.

No longer the size of those skimpy christmas trees that can fit through the door of an anthropoid.

Your doors will be the gates of heaven, your ornaments will be the stars, and your legacy will be a STORY, the carving of a manger or the symbol of the cross, but only if you persist to be faithful in loving God and growing in obedience and Christlikeness.

WIN_20151201_112625 (2)

Like Amy Carmichael.

Charles Spurgeon.

The people who started out little. And grew. And grew.

And you?


Art … tree growing, it all takes time.

Making something into remarkable takes HISTORY.





HIS story.

Never yours.



Dont give up, friend. God didnt put you heere for no reason. You are heere for the most remarkable purpose in the world. Christ is like an Evergreen. he is THE EVERGREEN. The root of Jesse. The Branch of David. A family line that took time, that took centuries.


But look at the Evergreen.



What is your HIStory?







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  1. Dani Rosetti says:

    *happy sigh* Ahhh, those poems. And that tree! 😀


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