One Day

Just a poem for Eldest’s wedding to Spirit…

Tomorrow is her big day. She asked me to write it based on my perspective of the courtship.

One Day.

He sat in the back of church
Scarce any knew his name
But when he climbed a metal roof
Better, the view became.

Up in those clouds
A certain gem caught his eye
The man swore to descend
And hold Her to the sky.

Unlike the knights of old
This one mounted thickest tires
His steed was clad in blackest gold
And took him wherever he desired.

He worked until the day sponged dry
When the sun set fire to blue-tint skies
Drawing riches from inside the earth
But only one treasure held priceless worth.

Greenest forests found her name
When she treaded through the place
Desert hills were her fancy fame
Streams giggled near her youthful grace

Like Stallion, he galloped across the plains
Upon his beast, Adventure was his name.
Chasing the sunset, in dust we gazed
There was not a sage he didn’t blaze.

He chased weekly, invited to dinner
Potatoes and Cheese and chicken liver
All under disguise that he would take her
Serving, he began the plan deliver.

Sitting upon tiles dusty,
Our socks complaining of too much joy
We discussed long hours and ate the clock
Regarding feasts in the Ask, Seek, Knock.

Before we left, before he even started chasing
Before the dusk brought the day’s end racing
Big Brother had his life immersed. Giving
All to God, All his life and all his Joy, First.

Same with the girl. Abandoned all plans
Staying where put and growing deep planted
Dreams tugged her far, yet budge she did not
Instead, she waited and for God’s face she sought.

Hunting for our family like a trophy
Yet he couldn’t scope her
the real trigger landed
when the cliffs had her stranded

Cliffs of waiting, cliffs of test
But a hero comes, takes her hand
Rescues his bride, replaces her fear and gives her rest

This love is not about looking the best.
Its about showing the worst and showing His grace
To the whole family, even the ones stressed,
Loving God isn’t about how we dress

But wait until that day
With the brilliant gown and whitest glory
Streaming from God’s bride, Her love story
Is Him. Her hero, the knight in armor eternal
Stands ready at the isle,
Gleaming at the eyes and shining with his Smile

He wrote her story
With the blood of his heart
Desiring that she receive him
Now, Bride, is the time to start.

Because lovers never stay at thresholds
They walk throughout the house
They cook large dinners
They talk on the couch.

As the bride of Christ
Do you truly love Him?
If this moment you wore white
Tailored by his nail-love hands
And the next he was at your side
There, oh Bride, your True Love stands.
Would you be enamored with Joy?
Or would you run and hide?

The joining of these two is a mirror
A snowflake, not the skies
God, Hero of our life,
has his own wedding coming.
There isn’t much time.
And so,
I ask YOU today;
will you decide?



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