When God reigns on his throne

He pours us out.

This poem was written with much salt last year, near the beginning of 2015. See if you can figure out what “Chastis” is. 


Found in fawns eyes widely shining innocent
Honest given words by resurgent lips
Chastis; for words are whips.

Kindling Calcifer and much more
After Insanity is silenced and
Humbly, lovingly, fearfully embraces me,
For I am Confusion.
Two different thumbprints, sealing,
Branded together and cast to the testing fires
Until we never dreamed the evident ashes would come.
Chastis, for good things say goodbye and forever always ends.

Skies climb, but mountains resign
And always those adorable pesky Bunnies!
Yet hand in hand we overcame cold turkey
Though giants only lay dormant.
Chastis should have come.
Chastis never did.

We were architects of each other
Our foundation consumed alight
Paul and Barnabas evangelized
Then and only after victories
When the trumpet was being invented
Laughs erupted from wrestled grass…but….
Chastis never did.

The Falls were chipping and growing
Older every drop, each crack
Caused by soft
And if only that same
Chastis were to have quenched the army in my soul
Chastis would not be plummeting
Resulting from my Fall.

Much pain and to do about nothing
Elevated and clawed to get the highest at my lowest
“Why?” Till even nature bled and
Chastis soothed. And time came,
Manifested our sisterhood.
Blindly Song, Key of the Purity, the Tree and she
Climbed to my hidden loft where
Chastis had been released
Daniel carved her, mine, our
Mero Nam upon the skin of aspen
Cowardice became noble
From dauntless heights
Chastis was all forgotten… looked down upon from our pillar as weak.

Tree then was strong,
Built and tended by rivers of water
Key was kept locked, focused,
And shiny brass gleamed as the prize came closer.
Daniel drew hard lines and
Drawn lines were given
As symbols
Never seals.
Until Daniel was thrown again to the den
Of the Lions
Sealed into the impending tomb by the signet of the kings.
And the Key was thrown away,
The Pure was ripped by soft, smooth whiskers
And brass no longer chirped innocent
And those eyes no longer harbored
And the Tree that drank rivers was felled
The innocence was suffocated
As musical notes of demonic Taboo/ voodoo
Serenaded the once strong heart.
The broken locket lay on the snowy safari
Now drained, seared, dulled, replaced
And doused cold of its once fiery

When betrayal rifts a distance
Between the shoulders, in the back where ribs must breathe
Then gasping
Chastis wrenches
From a heart, though shadowed, still tender
And it rips not just the music notes but the gifted hands and searching eyes
Chastis is then contaminated
Flowing as black oil with water
Deciding whether or not to intermix
To keep self crystal or be swallowed in heavy turmoil
For even architects and artists
Make mistakes,
Must erase,
Must tear down
Regardless of who does so first.

It’s not that one can do anything to bring it about
The truth of
Is that it cannot lie.
It tastes of bitter-sweet sincerity
The overwhelmtion of gathered and packed together emotion
That pool up and then must leave
Is welcome to those with endless hearts
And learning minds
For those specifically created
To destroy and to build
Chastis, though hard and agonizing, is sweet.

So Burn it off,
Let that fire ignite and start resurgence.
Let go of the lie.
Let the pain of agape seep into you and
Receive and believe forgiveness.
You can start over
Let the hot
Chastis open your eyes,
Like they once were hot with passion
Open your heart,
Like the fire that was unquenchable beforehand
And with all the pain going out
And the undeservtion sinking in
Let the Agape, the Charis, the
Come. Don’t fight it. Don’t stay safe. Don’t stay strong.
Be wrecked. Be untimely. Be broken. Be real.
Be covered in rivers of Charis, and let the streams of
Chastis hurt and burn so much that you know
Once and for all
Te Telesti,
You are remade.
All can be new in a moment.
All will be begun again.
Chastis, for this can be finished.
Chastis, for it IS finished.

“That’s so beautiful that it hurts.”
Then let it.
“Believe these tree words”.
That is it, “that is enough.”
“I forgive you.” and
Drops with smiles and tears and praying knees
Which carry
The electric current
That awakens us both
To the embers
We blow on them together
They glow again,
Together sizzling in small splatters because
Chastis is falling
And we are not.


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