The Water Fall

Water is fearful. Powerful. Memorable.

(The following was written as an answer to a lesson question in an English poetry unit.)

The Water Fall

(Written May 2015)

Our bare toes twiddle at the foreign lake
The waterfall miles away cascades
Girls pack knives upon green rafts
Tree-drunk waters splash
The wind on grey howls sharp
ripping away the shards
the lake yawns as they push me far
into the jaws of imaginary killer carp.

But sudden years pass and again its there
Dark sky, lightning clouds, cumulonimbus air
I feel fear swimming below my shoes
not only am i alone, im alone with the boy of tattoos.
His girl isnt there, she is drifting
He swims closer because im dipping
under the tide and following the storm
every part of my skin is no longer warm.

Then theres the steak houses.
The trips to the mountains.
Thought as a young girl we moved often
but these journeys were merged and never forgotten.
Similarly, the girl in love-who packs knives on rafts-
packed knives into the hearts
of her loved ones backs
Sent away because tattoos and because water-falls
and because, though it shatters rock and all,




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