This post was made November 2015 when some students left because of not being stood up for.


Remember that time when someone said something to defend you?

Saying nothing is saying something.The only way to avoid criticism is to

say Nothing

 Do Nothing

 Be Nothing


Saying nothing says the most.

To walk on by is a greater crime

than to stand with Dust.

Was it not Jesus


humbled himself and became of us

to touch the low and heal the dust

When the religious were high and loud

and Jesus silently abased the proud

by stooping low and healing the crowd

as they screamed they were endowed

with unalienable “rights”

though they were the wrong

ones starting the fights

against God and Dust.

Thats why Jesus

came and spoke

with his hands

and healed in His name


So if we call ourselves followers

of the Veritas Way

then why dont we DO

instead of just SAY

We open our homes to money

to things of this world that we love

and its funny

because Jesus himself

had no home except dirt

and his pillow was grass

-nothing of worth-

and he asked that we open

our lives to the lost

to take in the seeking

and show them the cross

by giving and giving

not taking and blocking

and feeding and filling

and buying and stocking

So next time you think

you are guarding your country

was it not Jesus who said

to love God more than money

and to give to the poor

and take in the orphan

the least of these cry

from borders forgotten

We push people away

but we have more than enough

to brighten their day

but we keep it gloved

under media and fear

the wounds of Man

bleed and God seethes

as we walk by

comfortable in our land

So why should you be musing

about being like Jesus

But dont let in the least of these

that you see


in your family

in your school


On this Center

where the center is something,


Is it God?

So i prod.

Yes. Hit that nerve strong.

Because you can either be comfortable

or you can love God.

Speak for the mute

speak for the bruised

if you know

dont be silent

we arent just a school.

We are blood-bought and fired

with a desire for truth

and walking on by

never made anything good.

Silence speaks.

What does yours say?


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