February 26th

For all of you out there with Pride.

I understand now.


My favorite phantom
The ghost who haunts my heart
I am finding your desire
Now mine, becomes a part

We’re throbbing for each other
To curl beside our hearts
To dare to push the edges
And press past fearful dark

I clenched my jaw
It felt so wrong
To ache for your very words
To burn inside and feel so hot
There was fire in your cure

Phoenix, you consumed me
You pried into my core
I gave you what God knew of me;
I hadn’t ever before.

Tongue-twisted into each other
I stitched my soul to thine
Enamored with syllable-pleasing smother
I repressed the cross, took what was “mine”.

Ghost, today I learned
How deeply that you love
For with these words
I breached your nebula

We’ve wrapped around our razors
Eased ourselves and sliced the skin
Erased our wrongs and tally-scars
That severed us deep within

Who was I to think
This monster would proceed
To fight against the covenant
Buried deep within me?
Unravel myself,
I find agāpe
Where you made wide my love
I teased my heart
You tickled me to safety
And Heaven crouched from us.

The deepest wells lie
Inside the language of your eyes
Would never threaten me endeavor
But when I found myself so wanting you
The same eyes were hardened forever

To stare upon
No gazing through
Eyes so honest and so strong,

Choosing God or choosing you,
You gave your heart, I gave mine too,
Between the lines
where we shouldn’t belong.