Skies Fly

Written for one of my best friends in the world, whose mind is a treasure-trove that i have only known for several months, i wrote this may 8th on the ride up to SLC. The trip through the luscious green mountains was lifechanging. 54ec7e28ee01fSKIES FLY

It wasn’t until after that door slammed

That I heard all I should have before.

The words came out

 like thoughts

I couldn’t possibly stop

The skies they spanned

For in every man

I have found a new land

Couldn’t imagine possibly

That with each new heart

was a new universe.

In skipping stones

And skipping you

I missed galaxies

In the world of you

I guessed that I

flew over you briskly

Because I spread you across

 too many stars.

People would comment and inquire

About the traces of gold dust

I had acquired from your shores

The mountain in your mind

Left a residue which I  teathered

Into a far-off cavern in my own.

While winter lay dormant and

Squandering the molten fury

I subjected myself

Undertowed by rivulets of uncreation

 The fog danced,

And you laced words delicate

pied-piper around your terrain

before all the magic could vanish,

before spring stole

 concrete images of vapor.

Crasping and gragging stone chokes

I took the grit teeth

Withfingertips of  indelicate untrusion.

Wasty and drypaint,

Cant I stop craving your forests

And getting lost in them?

Your words are like ropes

Fire-material. Useful.

endlessly tumbling through each other.

Their knots made

The hiccupped veins

Of strung-up birches

Roughbarked craze.

With paper-packed nooses.

In other skies,

The dense is air

And heat surges cripple.

In your skies

Even the clouds trample gravity

In an aeriumatic fashion

Of freedom

That only comes with

Breathheld nimbus.

Lines impressionistic,

Making deep cuts but

Spraying showers of timid uncertainty

With every flourish.

And I have to say that


In your skies

Is even more freeer

Than mine.


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