Dear friends. I love you as I love my eyes, ears, and skin.



june 1 2016




Friend, please.

find me past the stars

as I have flown beyond

gash me into the plunge of sky

and I will fill the space

with the blood of a rebel cry

there lies no fight heere

other than the stand I beat

and grit the word “We”

because that’s all I will ever be.

Make me of you

And compose my galaxies

Of the dust from your exhaust

I will be made of faith and trust

As you are my pixie

And I your island.

When we soar,

Remember that your feather mind

Is the ocean upon which I make my voyages

I your sky.

When the oxygen isn’t enough

Be my lungs

For now

I have lightning bugs in these fingertips

The cattails and shores upon your bank

As I pluck this joy like a griffin swooping upon flowers

Hidden in mud


My river.

Let’s Forever?



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