Dear Orlando and World,

Dear World,

I wrote a poem. but that’s not all I’m going to do.



Cheek Turns

By Rose Klein, November 13, 2015 (France attacked).


Penny for my thoughts

Dollar for my silence

Bills say “We trust God”

But why are We His People so violent?


Bleeding from injustice

Other nations mourn

We focus on political lust

Ignoring what is torn


Some say to kill

Others say to pray

“Something is wrong with God’s will”

“What if this comes our way?”


I know that it’s promised

Such things will come

But shouldn’t we right this

Before time is done?


Is there a way

To heal borders and they

Can be forgiven and loved

Despite what they’ve done?


Can we suffocate such a fire

The size of the world?

What if we fought fire with fire

Gave mercy to all the hearts that we could?


Instead of being like them

And destroying peoples’ lives,

Couldn’t God fill them;

His fire in them thrive?


Isn’t that what He did

-bleeding for all We-

So I could give my enemies

Love He gave me so free?


Yes I believe in justice

But that is not my place.

I only have authority

To show others grace.



pray for the world


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