Every once in a while, dont just stick to the crowd. Go into the nooks and crannies and find a universe sometime, okay?


August 15, 2016

to Chloe Roloson

(scroll down)

nos chloe

She sauntered right by my window

Friendship in her hands

Commitment on her brow

Passion tangled in her ocean hair

There was no reason to choose me

When she possessed the sea

A hero and villain

Mystery in her eyes

Talent on her fingers

Free-will in her skies

Yet somewhere she lured in leaders

Honest as striking treasure at midnight

Yet unforeseen they didn’t see her

Stuck between mountains and brutals

And falling into laborious cracks

She ground the walls of gold to dust

Built an army from the rust

Painted their faces with skin and pain

Sprinkled hope into the rain

Loving constant, stayed the same

And phoenix dawned from her very name.












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