¡Pura Vida!

Don’t commit suicide ever. Dead is forever. You are more.

Jesus died for you because you were worth saving.

frost dead suicide


(Suicide in my school by beloved artist, friend, author, and sweet 14  year old Christian girl. August 22, 2016)

¡Pura Vida!



I really don’t think you mean to

I just wish in a heartbeat

You could be forgiven


Because all I ever knew

Was a string of words

Stretched across too much space

Miles away

But your bloodbought life

You seized by the neck

And literally raped that day:

Of your birth

Of my family camping trip

Of our school’s newsletter.

We are wombs torn open

Ripped apart

By those who saved storks

But not their babies.

I regret you never bore


Ever knew how to drink Jägermeister

To drown your sorrow in art

Ear-deep in music.

You were beautiful.

You’re selfish.

You’re dead.





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