I watched Suicide Squad tonight. A fellow student committed suicide last weekend.


August 25, 2016


I awoke to smoke

And went to bed the same

Shocked when I arose

At night the fog still came


Dawn brought no maybe

Dusk brought no other name

The palette bled rust

While preacher dug a grave


It would be blisters

If ever you told why

Mom and dad callous wrists

Burying dusty cry


Inside ribs your heart

Screamed in silent beatings

Masked by mortal art

You drowned in all your seethings


All that’s left’s your words

Selfies, paintings, songs

Till I wake up to burns

Sunrise colored in wrongs


You chose to bleed

We chose to live

Because of your greed

We must grieve.


So cast off, ye barks

And sag thy riggings loose

I bear them taught in dark

Sail to endtime fools


I pick up your splinters

Sinking beneath the waves

Floating dormant shivers

Casket twilight daze.


Knock the symphony

From my hands I dare

You are catastrophy

Your selfish death they bear.


Would you burn this house

to make us a home?

would you crush us now

so we could kill smoke?


The glory of sunrise

lies in the fog

and the splendor of the night

lives in smoke-bent light.


Smoke makes good sunsets.








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