Everything can change. Everything.



August 29.- September 13. 2016.


The spiral-dance completed
You connect the dots
The scars that left depleted
Are now waltzes in the stars

You were the flying one
I wished upon
Your inertia words slowed time
burned me inside
The burn of belong

I won’t go hunting for other stars
Ive found a universe
We have no clue how far it goes
But all i want is to be close
To make restored dust merge
Ill keep the scratches
That pound on your door
Enamoring slashes
Of daily tackle roar

Upon your head
The earth skies rest
Silver-blue instead
Of your royal purple crest

Let your lashes be my currency
And i be your ocean
Luscious blue urgency
Horizon-stilling motion
I awoke to stardust
Before the sun came up
Your song frozen on my skin
Azure painted nimbus

Your words are held within

We’re all ships baby
But but you’re a flowerbed
Maybe i can be
your thorns instead
Of sailing away

Im writing poetry again
While you paint
Inconspicuous strikes on my tongue
Seasoned with lust
The kind a starving man eats
When his own fingers end up between teeth
But it tastes so good
Can i create an ocean for you
Sink beneath your waves
Not sail as i should
Trenches below would swallow ships
Like donuts half soggy
Because they drank the sea
Instead of finding Shore.


If all i ever knew
Was the curve of your eyelids
Or the slope of your hips
It would never concern you
That i want the poems in your lips
Youre a breeze
im a rusty windvane
Take me where you want
I’ll spin circles for your name
To run through the corridors
And the corners of your mind
Like a lunatic in paradise
Youre the treasure i will find
Like diamonds and pirates
Can i steal you away
Traverse distant shores upon
Diaphanous canonical waves?


can i be your always?



r. h. t.










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