C L O S E .

I voted today.

Drank two redbulls. Sunrise is almost awake, staring at the back of her eyelids, not wanting to stare at the polls, the screens, the fire alarms. And I am afraid, because I feel both close and both far, human and not. Rolling in our sleep from nightmares and reality, and finding they are one in the same.


November 8, 2016.



–  –  –  –  –

 The moment when

You tug the nylon seat belt,

Slithering through your fingertips

Wait for that click…

But it’s not yet.

Or when you are

Just about to let go

That hanger choked with a turquoise scarf

To rest upon that pleasing balance

Between the air and the floor.

When you tip the bottle

Let gravity pull your thirst

But it’s the very moment

You are still dry

The liquid brims to the lip

…Past it, even…

And still does not quite fall—

She was close.




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