-I N – B E T W E E N – T H E – L I N E S-

….a year later. Advent-close to your birthday on the twelfth day of Christmas month and just hours away from your battle lines, our nation hears the ricochet of ammunition in the college campus.


–I- N –

–B- E- T- W- E- E – N-

–T- H- E-

–L- I- N-E – S-

by Ellie Weathers☮

(December 2015)


It confuses me, flipping through the pages

It’s a plot I can’t figure out

Is it timeless, lasting through the ages?

Is it not? I can’t help but doubt

The words printed before me

They should be written crystal clearly

Yet nothing makes sense

It’s only written in secrets and hints

It’s a compelling read

Pacing at a reasonable speed

I want to keep flipping and flipping

But the book just keeps going and going

Let me know when I’ve read enough

When the words I’ve come to love

Have all dried out, are done with me

I truly doubt its legitimacy

And I just don’t understand the size

Of the secrets in between the lines

How do I come to learn and grow,

When the pages just expect me to know

The way through the intricate curves

Of each delicately written word

I can’t understand the hints they drop

I can’t comprehend when to start, when to stop

I want to keep going and going and going

But I just can’t keep flipping and flipping and flipping

Tell me- God, tell me how

Tell me what to do and tell me now

I have prayed and You’ve only told me to stay

To keep reading and flipping through each and every page

It hurts me- You know it hurts me

My heart has never ached so to learn the meaning

To learn the ways, the thoughts, and the kind

Of secrets hidden in between the lines.


r h t


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