Hunting Dawn Introduction

“…But seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness…” Matthew 6: 33

    I don’t think you noticed, but the background picture of this bloject (Mix of the words BLOG and PROJECT) is, in fact, a sunset.

 Hunting Dawn. The random name of a random blog with the random picture of a sunset that seems to contradict itself(which you have already possibly deemed as a waste of time in your hectic, busy life). 

      I am somewhat new to the realm of posting things about what my insignificant thoughts can’t keep quiet(AKA Blogging).


      The Sun is rising every second of every day. 

During the middle of the night, the sun is rising somewhere in the world. At 7:28 am, the sun rose in my city. At 8:28 am, the sun rose somewhere else in the world. Same with 11:46 pm.  And 2:31 am.  And any other time that has ever lived. 
People (me included) are horrible procrastinators.
Tomorrow I can finish that project.” 
Tomorrow I will write that letter.” 
Tomorrow I can read my Bible and pray for that person.”


Tomorrow began twenty seconds ago. 
Hunting Dawn is an argument and proposal to you to harness the moment, THIS MOMENT, your search for the Sunrise that breaks into every second; midnight or midday. 
True, the sun may not be rising where you can see it, but it still is rising somewhere, which means that you are now alive during a tomorrow, which is a gift that you were never guaranteed. 
Which means that sunsets are also sunrise, because the sun is rising directly opposite of you on the other side of the world. Even though it appears to be leaving you, it is simply giving someone another day. 
No sunrise is ever duplicated, copied, replayed. Each dawn only happens once, each day is only lived once, never to come again. And every morning, God’s mercies are new, irreplaceable, and should be seen, just like the every-moment-sunrise. 
Therefore, if God asks you to seek Him FIRST, to look around you and see and taste and feel and DO the things He has given you, do it as if the sun just rose and the day was new and you have started over, twenty seconds ago, ten seconds ago, one, and you can give Him full glory by living fully in this moment with the Moment God. 
Is God not the one who brings the sun up every second and gives you mercy every half-second? What riches are you not seeing because you haven’t been seeking?
Each day, each tomorrow, each second, 
And that is why I have started to Hunt Dawn, to hunt moments, writing them down in a little book, one by one, moment by moment, good or bad. 
59) Part-full coffee pot
63) Grapes and goodbyes
276) Amazing talks with teachers
283) Internet fits
723) Wishing tunnels

“…But seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness…” Matthew 6: 33


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