I watched Suicide Squad tonight. A fellow student committed suicide last weekend.

¡Pura Vida!

Don’t commit suicide ever. Dead is forever. You are more. Jesus died for you because you were worth saving.


Every once in a while, dont just stick to the crowd. Go into the nooks and crannies and find a universe sometime, okay?

Empty Gold

My sister will be married by Friday. Maybe there’s still time to find where my real treasure lies.


We all are not enough, and for what i cannot be, i am not. Thankfully, there is an I Am. 


written in a canyon on a drive that changed my life…. or that drove my changed life back to the Canyon it once belonged.

Psalm 114

Written on a Caroline Clare Class writing prompt with the early poetry club which turned into Writer’s Block. My poemization of psalm 114. (The whole poem is not posted.)


This post was made November 2015 when some students left because of not being stood up for.


This…. It was written on the birthday of a certain Wendy-bird, as a farewell for a certain Wendy-bird, as a thank you can only manage  with miles of terrestrial deafness hindering all Eucharist of this one Wendy-bird who changed the life of a certain nobody.


As a child, i marred trees. Now, i climb them. ——