Language of God

Please welcome Knucklepen Artist and kindred spirit, Abigail Byers, and an excerpt from her fingers -hot off the wordpress. Advertisements

Psalm 114

Written on a Caroline Clare Class writing prompt with the early poetry club which turned into Writer’s Block. My poemization of psalm 114. (The whole poem is not posted.)


Just finished “Our Town” by Thornton Wilder. Best play ever.


Happy 2015 birthday, Daddy. I made the lemonade for you.

February 26th

For all of you out there with Pride. I understand now.


This post was made November 2015 when some students left because of not being stood up for.

The Water Fall

Water is fearful. Powerful. Memorable. (The following was written as an answer to a lesson question in an English poetry unit.)


When God reigns on his throne He pours us out. This poem was written with much salt last year, near the beginning of 2015. See if you can figure out what “Chastis” is. 


The memories from flicker-feather picnics with our church. Why’nt ye be in the jux-shalom?


This…. It was written on the birthday of a certain Wendy-bird, as a farewell for a certain Wendy-bird, as a thank you can only manage  with miles of terrestrial deafness hindering all Eucharist of this one Wendy-bird who changed the life of a certain nobody.

One Day

Just a poem for Eldest’s wedding to Spirit… Tomorrow is her big day. She asked me to write it based on my perspective of the courtship.