February 29th: EXODUS

February 29th: EXODUS. ~~~~~~~ An almost-year later, I think the festering Amalekites are dead now. Advertisements


The friend of my eleventh grade English teacher wrote this poem about the Refugee crisis.     Dedicated:  Happy birthday to the Sunset One, who taught me to look between the lines of words, the lines of art, the lines of miles, and the space between the lines of our beliefs. Happy Birthday a year ago today,…


I watched Suicide Squad tonight. A fellow student committed suicide last weekend.

¡Pura Vida!

Don’t commit suicide ever. Dead is forever. You are more. Jesus died for you because you were worth saving.

February 26th

For all of you out there with Pride. I understand now.


This post was made November 2015 when some students left because of not being stood up for.

The Water Fall

Water is fearful. Powerful. Memorable. (The following was written as an answer to a lesson question in an English poetry unit.)


When God reigns on his throne He pours us out. This poem was written with much salt last year, near the beginning of 2015. See if you can figure out what “Chastis” is.