February 29th: EXODUS

February 29th: EXODUS. ~~~~~~~ An almost-year later, I think the festering Amalekites are dead now. Advertisements


The friend of my eleventh grade English teacher wrote this poem about the Refugee crisis.     Dedicated:  Happy birthday to the Sunset One, who taught me to look between the lines of words, the lines of art, the lines of miles, and the space between the lines of our beliefs. Happy Birthday a year ago today,…

-I N – B E T W E E N – T H E – L I N E S-

….a year later. Advent-close to your birthday on the twelfth day of Christmas month and just hours away from your battle lines, our nation hears the ricochet of ammunition in the college campus.


    Dear Reader: God had a different plan. Its only His forever that is eternal. ——————————– November 3 2016 If i was a compass, i am lost, but you are my north. Im dazzled by your petrifying eyes Their forgiving glance planted into my immature root-of-a-soul That i will cultivate forever. I want to…


Everything can change. Everything.    

¡Pura Vida!

Don’t commit suicide ever. Dead is forever. You are more. Jesus died for you because you were worth saving.