We all are not enough, and for what i cannot be, i am not. Thankfully, there is an I Am.  Advertisements

Long-anticipated meeting. Finally.

Today, i met one of my role models. Caroline Clare, woman of God and woman of proverbs 31:26. Best day to meet a beloved teacher and friend-close-as-big-sis.

Psalm 114

Written on a Caroline Clare Class writing prompt with the early poetry club which turned into Writer’s Block. My poemization of psalm 114. (The whole poem is not posted.)


The memories from flicker-feather picnics with our church. Why’nt ye be in the jux-shalom?


This…. It was written on the birthday of a certain Wendy-bird, as a farewell for a certain Wendy-bird, as a thank you can only manage  with miles of terrestrial deafness hindering all Eucharist of this one Wendy-bird who changed the life of a certain nobody.

Thanksgiving Eve (Minty)

I dare you to write fifty things you are thankful for. Just today. Right now. Find them in one sitting. You certainly have enough to be thankful for, and if you don’t have the time to be thankful for them, then you have no right to have them.